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Blackjack is always a party favorite
Seats - 7 people
LWH = 6' x 3' x 38"


"Friendly" compeition at the Texas Hold'em poker table
Seats - 9 people
LWH = 7.5' x 3.5' x 29"


Roulette is classy and elegant in a European style
Seats - 9 people
LWH = 8' x 4' x 32.5"


Craps in California at your next event!
Seats - 14 people
LWH = 10' x 5' x 56.5"


Very popular at the local Los Angeles Casinos
Seats - 7 people
LWH = 6' x 3' x 38"


An easy and unique poker game that add flavor to the casino party
Seats - 7 people
LWH = 6' x 3' x 38"


Rent a Let-it Ride table for your next party to bring the casino theme to the next level
Seats - 7 people
LWH = 6' x 3' x 38"


The wheel draws attention and adds ambiance to casino events
LWH = 6' x 3' x 38" | Seats - 7 people


A special poker game that has an easy pace, and opportunities for big wins
LWH = 6' x 3' x 38" | Seats - 7 people


Baccarat is the most popular casino game in Macau
Seats - 7 people
LWH = 6' x 3' x 38"


Play poker agaisnt the dealer, so you'll feel that much better when you win
Seats - 7 people
LWH = 6' x 3' x 38"


Add your logo, slogan, or birthday celebration
Professional look for company events, weddings, and fundraisers

About Ace High Casino Rentals

In 2005 Ace High was founded San Diego California with the mission to provide a modern elegant casino night for events throughout Southern California. A soirée can only happen in a single night for a few hours, but the memories of a great casino party last a lifetime. Planning casino parties is a unique business, which is why we only focus on providing the best casino rental services in Southern California and work hard - Bringing the excitement of Vegas to you!

Our Team of Event Professionals

Louis Teng - Ace High Casino Rentals - Managing Partner

Louis Teng - Managing Partner

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Laura Michaud - Ace High Casino Rentals - Event Manager

Laura Michaud - Event Manager

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Warren Ryan Lee - Ace High Casino Rentals - General Manager

Warren Lee - General Manager

From dealing craps to event sales to accounting to even repairing the trucks, I've been involved with the operation of Ace High since 2009. My favorite experiences are event planning a successful casino night fundraiser that not only raises money for charity, but is also a fantastic night for all the guests so they'll want to come back year after year.

Brandon Hall - Ace High Casino Rentals - Founder

Brandon Hall - General Manager

I founded Ace High to bring exciting casino night parties to San Diego. Vegas can be an been an easy weekend trip, but when you want to gather a big group of friends, family, or co-workers there's nothing better than a casino themed event

When planning a casino fundraiser or party we know you work hard to arrage every event planning detail. At Ace High Casino Rentals we ensure that everything casino related is handled so you can enjoy the event. Because Ace High does 100's of events every year, we're able to attracted the best dealers. Whatever you're looking for to add to your casino party we can provide.



"The lovlier side of Ace High"
Elegant and attractive, Ace High can provide your event with all female dealers
Great looks and even better dealing skills


What happens at your party, stays at your party

California, knows how to party

Custom funny money for parties - Elvis and Vegas


Add custom money bills to your casino party
Add your headshot, logo, slogan, or anything else
Fantastic idea for surprise birthdays

Since 2005 Ace High has been providing casino themes to parties throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Having Ace High Casino Rentals at your event adds an exciting and elegant experience for your guests to have fun, socialize, and remember the night you celebrated together. Providing the best casino tables and dealers in Southern California is a niche business. Which is why Ace High Casino Rentals only foucus is: Bringing The Excitement of Vegas to You!

Ace High Casino Rentals

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